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Aqua Vitae Perpetual preservation system- 500ml refill (free shipping)

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Mix each package in a 500ml container. Shake well.  It may take a day to completely dissolve. 

PPS-Pro system is easy to use and is the least expensive system in comparison to any other fertilizer. It is designed especially for aquascapers who want a system that is performing well, doesn’t need much testing and tweaking and also works with all lights and substrates, no water changes and large water changes. Entirely 100% planted aquariums with reasonable fish load. 


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  • Is the perpetual preservation system safe for invertebrates? What is the recommended dosing? What is the difference between the Perpetual preservation system and the Low Tech All in One?

    Pps gives you the option to dose macros and micros separately.   Yes it's safe for inverts.   Recommended dose is 2ml per 10g daily.

  • Do you mix the macro and micro into separate bottles and does two ml of each? or mix into one bottle and does 2ml of the combined?

    Separate bottles.


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