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What are tissue culture plants?

Tissue culture plants are plants that are grown “in-vitro”.  The term in vitro is Latin and means "in the glass".   Plants are grown under sterile conditions with the use of a nutrient media and phytohormones.

We are able to offer these plants at a reasonable cost as we are also the producers of the plants.  

Benefits of tissue cultured aquarium plants.

  1. They are free from pesticides and unwanted extraneous organisms such as parasites, pathogens, snails, planarians, insect larvae, algae and annoying "weeds" such as duckweed.
  2. You will typically receive many more plants per portion than you will if you buy potted or bunched plants.
  3. Most plants grown in vitro are already in their submerged form. Most plants that you will see in pet stores come from nurseries where they are grown under the same conditions as other mass produced plants and flowers.  When these plants are put under water they are forced to grow differently and will grow submerged leaves or stems.  Sometimes this transition can be difficult for the aquarist depending on the conditions.

Please note: plants may be removed from the packaging prior to shipping in order to avoid extra shipping charges and potential issues with containers leaking etc.  This will depend on the plant being shipped.   This will not have any effect on the plant whatsoever and it will remain in sterile conditions during transit.

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