Aqua Vitae All in One 500ml dry mix for low tech tanks (Twin neck bottle combo)

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The PlantGuy's Aqua Vitae All-In-One low tech fertilizer is a highly concentrated liquid fertlizer based on the Perpetual Preservation method of fertilization.   See more details here. 

Most commercial fertilizers in pet stores are watered down overpriced products.  Our all in one combines the macros and micros together.  Many other commercial fertilizer producers sell a bottle for each nutrient.  N, P, K, Micros.  This one package replaces all of those. If you do want them separately we have that option in our store as well (for a fraction of the cost you will pay at your LFS).






You will receive 1x All-In-One packs. Put one  into a bottle.  Mix with 500ml distilled or RO water.  Mixture can take up to a day to completely dissolve.  Keep out of direct sunlight.






Dose 2ml per 10 gallons of water 3 times a week.  Adjust dosage as needed



One dose (2ml) will add the following PPM to 10g of water



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