Aqua Vitae Perpetual preservation system 3 liter Twin neck bottle combo

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PPS-Pro system is easy to use and is the least expensive system in comparison to any other fertilizer. It is designed especially for aquascapers who want a system that is performing well, doesn’t need much testing and tweaking and also works with all lights and substrates, no water changes and large water changes. Entirely 100% planted aquariums with reasonable fish load. 


You will receive micro packs and  macro packs .  a 3 liter combo will make a total of 3 liters of fertilizer (1.5 l of macro and 1.5 l of micro).  Put one macro and one micro pack into the corresponding bottle.  Mix with distilled or RO water.  Mixture can take up to a day to completely dissolve.  Keep out of direct sunlight.


Dose 2ml per 10 gallons of water every other day

Our standard 3 liter kit will last 600 days for a 25 gallon aquarium if dosed every other day

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  • What's the difference between this and the all-in-one?

    The difference between this and the all in low tech is basically that the micros and macros are dosed separately


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