Aqua Vitae Phosphorus (P)

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Are you happy with the big box store fertlizers you're using but tired of the high cost and plastic waste?  We have an option that will be easy on the pocket book and the environment!

Have full control over your liquid dosing  

1 easy to use  bottle 

3 packs of Phosphorus for a total of 1.5 liters of fertlizer.

Each 2ml dose will add the following to a 10 gallon tank

K- .55ppm
total phosphate (PO4)- 1.34ppm

Derived from Mono-potassium phosphate

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  • So do I add one package of aqua-vita phosphate to 500 ml of water for the dosage you specify?

    Yes you would add one pack to 500ml.   The 2ml per 10g just tells you how much K and P would be added to your tank.   More or less could be used

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