PlantGuy's EI or PPS 1 Liter Standard dosing bottle combo (free shipping)

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Your choice between the 2 most popular methods for fertlizing your tank.  These kits come in both 6 liter version and 12 liter version.  

1. The Perpetual Preservation System (PPS)The PPS Pro method is a convenient, low maintenance method of fertilizing your planted tank.

2. The Estimative Index Method. The Estimative Index (EI) coined by Tom Barr is a straightforward method for providing nutrients for a planted tank. The idea behind EI is simply introducing an excess amount of nutrients within an aquarium, throughout the week. This excess of nutrients floods the water column and feeds the plants. This is an estimative method; measuring specific nutrient uptake rates is not necessary and no test kits are involved. EI provides a surplus of nutrients that helps to prevents plant deficiencies, and allows plant growth to out compete algae growth. 


You will receive 3x micro packs, 3x macro packs (or more if you order the 6 or 9 liter version) Put one macro and one micro pack into the corresponding bottle.  Mix with distilled or RO water.  Mixture can take up to a day to completely dissolve.  Keep out of direct sunlight.


Dose 2ml per 10 gallons of water daily for either the PPS or EI method.  Our standard 6 liter kit will last 600 days for a 25 gallon aquarium if dosed everyday.

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