Aqua Vitae Estimate Index 3 Liter White bottle Combo (  Free shipping)

Aqua Vitae Estimate Index 3 Liter White bottle Combo ( Free shipping)

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 The Estimative Index Method. The Estimative Index (EI) coined by Tom Barr is a straightforward method for providing nutrients for a planted tank. The idea behind EI is simply introducing an excess amount of nutrients within an aquarium, throughout the week. This excess of nutrients floods the water column and feeds the plants. This is an estimative method; measuring specific nutrient uptake rates is not necessary and no test kits are involved. EI provides a surplus of nutrients that helps to prevents plant deficiencies, and allows plant growth to out compete algae growth. 


You will receive micro packs and  macro packs .  a 3 liter combo will make a total of 3 liters of fertilizer (1.5 l of macro and 1.5 l of micro).  Put one macro and one micro pack into the corresponding bottle.  Mix with distilled or RO water.  Mixture can take up to a day to completely dissolve.  Keep out of direct sunlight.


Dose 2ml per 10 gallons of water daily. Our standard 3 liter kit will last 300 days for a 25 gallon aquarium if dosed everyday.

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  • So if I order a 3L -- Twin Neck Bottle does that mean I get two bottles - one for micro and one for macro?

    correct, two bottles.

  • How important is it to use distilled/ro water to mix?

    There are impurities in tap water that could cause mould or other issues with fertilizer.  Distilled water is very cheap and highly recommended 

  • Do you dose Micros and Macros on the same day?

    Some do , some don't .  I don't think it really makes much difference either way.

  • About how long would it take to ship the 500ml bottle fertilizer combo to my postal code with the free shipping? V3E 2Y8

    All shipments go out on Mondays (if ordered before sunday).  Would get there  by thursday or friday...John


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