Tropica 1-2-GROW -Eleocharis pusilla

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Eleocharis pusilla has even lower growth than the common Eleocharis parvula and was given to Tropica by Thomas Barr from USA. Plant the mini-version in small portions to cover a large area. In short time, a dense carpet will be obtained. Needs light to perform optimally, however, it is one of the most reliable species for creating a carpet – and a minimum of maintenance since the leaves remain short (3-5 cm). Suitable for nano-aquariums


Plant info

Type: Carpeting
Origin: Cultivar
Growth rate: Slow
Height: 3 - 5+
Light demand: Medium
CO2 : Medium

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  • does aquarium have to be fully cycled to start adding plants?

    No it's actually better to start the aquarium with plants 

  • Hi there, I'm wondering if ELEOCHARIS ACICULARIS will grow in a sand substrate? Also is CO2 required?

    Substrate is important for this type of plant, it won't likely do that well in sand.  CO2 is not needed.

  • I have a fluval flex 9gal. I would like to eventually have the substrate covered by the elecharis. How many should I buy?

    One or two max. It needs to be broken apart into multiple clumps and planted.

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