Aqua Vitae vs Flourish line

When it comes to aquarium plant fertlizers the most economical way to go is to buy each individual nutrient in dry form and either dose your aquarium with dry fertilizer or mix the dry fertlizer into liquid form.  This involves quite a bit of learning for those just starting out.  Although rewarding, many prefer to keep things simple.  This is where our All in One fertlizer comes into play.

Aqua Vitae is our own brand of planted tank fertlizer.  It is a comprehensive (macro NPK and micro/trace element) highly concentrated fertlizer.   The idea behind highly concentrated fertlizer is to maximize the amount of fertlizer to water ratio.  With a high fertilizer ratio you are paying more for fertlizer.  With a low fertlizer ratio you are paying for water.  Sadly this is the case for most commercial brands of fertlizer you see sold in pet stores.