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Name: G
City: Brockville, Ontario
Date: Jan.24, 2017

Tell us about your experience dealing with us Wow. I'm impressed. I received my shipment today.  I am new to aquariums and was looking for somewhere in Canada to order plant. I'm glad I found this site. I had quite a few questions before ordering and they were all quickly answered. It was shipped out on the 23rd and got it the 25th. Nice green plant with still water in package. Wrapped well. I would definitely recommend  theplantguy and wil order from here again. Thanks so much


Name: Kathryn
City: Mississauga, ON
Date: Jan.24, 2017

First time ordering. Plants came in a day early and in great shape! Shipped on a monday morning, and was at my place by 4PM the following day! I did my first official aquascaping of my aquarium and couldn't be more proud. Great quality, generous amounts, and affordable prices. I will be back and I will recommend!

Name: Laurie Brewster
City: Calgary
Date: Dec.6, 2016

 Just received my five plants, and almond leaves for my Betta. Everything arrived to my FlexDelivery Address (plant guy website gives you the link) as I'm never home and worried about plants in my mailbox in -20 degrees! Excellent condition and very healthy plants. Thanks plant guy! Very happy!

Name: Jessie
City: Shilo, MB
Date: Nov.15, 2016

Completely new to aquariums here I decided I wanted to do a planted tank but was discouraged at the lack of selection my pet store has nevermind the price of them and for plants that didn't even look healthy... then I found this site and I'm so glad I did. Great prices for great healthy looking plants. They were shipped yesterday arrived tody everything looks great . I just finished planting my tank and if I find myself needing more plants I'll definitely be ordering from here.


Oct.27, 2016
Name: Brenda
City: New Westminister, BC

Just want you to know that I have just received my second shipment of plants from you.  I'm so pleased with everything from the ordering to the delivery.  Good job!  So glad there is a Canadian choice that offers such variety! 


City: Calgary, Ab
Oct.25, 2016
Name: Nicole
City: Calgary, Ab

Plants arrived today. All super healthy looking. The Java Fern is really nice and full. Will install them in the aquarium after lunch. 



Aug.23, 2016
Name: Steven Masterson
City: Toronto, Ont

Ordered plants last week, received amazing plants today!  Far better than anticipated, I am happy I found your site, and thank you.  I will be a regular shopper and will let my friends know where to get such high quality plants.


Aug.17, 2016
Name: James
City: Okotoks, AB

 Second time ordering plants, arrived alive. Great plants, Great price.
Would order again


July.21, 2016
Name: Jonathan
City: Beloeil

Tell us about your experience dealing with us Got the plants in 2 days. Packaging made very good and all plants were still wet with a little bit of water in each plastic bags. Great place to purchase. Will do it for my second aquarium soon.

July.19, 2016
Name: Khalid
City: Toronto, Ont

Was not expecting such fast service, the plants are 100% great condition compared to local pet stores and he even refunded me for some plants that was out of stock. Excellent I will def be re purchasing in the future. Thank you


May.28, 2016
Name: C.W
City:  Nepean ON

Order shipped on a Monday,  recieved package on a Wednesday. From Winepeg to Ottawa. So that means when The Plant Guy says shipping on such and such date,  it is ready to go at the P.O. first thing that morning.  It's already processed and we'll down the road that day.  The plants are generous beautiful and healthy.  The packaging was professional and sealed perfectly. Do not hesitate to order from The Plant Guy. Also I'm a pain in the ass customer. Lot's of pre-order questions/pestering. They were all answered really quickly and politely.  THANKS Plant Guy!


May.11, 2016
Name: Patricia
City:  Hamilton, Ontario

This was my first time purchasing plants online. The plants were beautiful when they arrived. Better than the selection at the pet store. I highly recommend purchasing plants from The PlantGuy.


May.4, 2016
Name: C.W
City:  Nepean ON

 I ordered on Friday to make the the May 2 shipment. It arrived at 15:45 on the 3rd. Everything generously arrived perfectly. My Betta loves his 12 marimo ball bed. The anubius nana petite is smaller than I expected I lovely surprise, wow. It was my first time dealing with plant guy won't be the last.


April.30, 2016
Name: Wayne
City:  Thunder Bay, On

Plants and fertilizer are best I've ever seen.  Thunder Bay is limited in what you can buy for plants and have never seen dry fertilizer here.

Plants arrived well packed and 2 days sooner than I expected!

I will be buying my plants/fertilizers from here from now on.  Couldn't be happier.


April.22, 2016
Name: Ron
City:  Winnipeg, MB

I've use the service multiple times now and each time has been same day service.  Emails are prompt.  EI fertilizer is working great.   Lily pipe working great. Reliable service.  Lucky to have great range of product in the city!


April.21, 2016
Name: Steve

City:  Saint John, New Brunswick

Thank you for the Incredible quality plants. Very pleased. 


April.6, 2016
Name: Chris

City:  Vancouver, BC

Bought some liquid plant food estimative high tech which comes with two 500ml bottles and three of each mix i have dosed the tank to instructions 15 gallon what a difference in the plants within a weak they are  doing well already but this stuff is the best I have used on them plants are growing faster there colour is more prominent highly recommend great product will buy more refills.

Jan.13, 2016
Name: Kevin
City:  North Bay, Ont

Received my first order and right away ordered my second. Beautiful healthy plants. ..spectacular customer service. My shipment arrived, from halfway acriss the country, in the middle of an unforecasted winter deep freeze and the plants were wrapped so well that they were barely below room temperature. Green lush and beautiful. Plant guy will be my goto from now on


Jan.07, 2016
Name: Kristina
City:  Sudbury, Ont

Hey PTG team. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you do. You are the most reliable and friendly seller I've had the pleasure to order from. I'm sure many feel the same way. :).


Dec.1, 2015
Name: Peter
City:  Regina, SK

Just got my plant order, and plonked it into the tank. Quite possibly the BEST looking java ferns I've EVER seen!!


Nov.23, 2015
Name: Chris
City:  Vancouver BC

 great reliable service plants are healthy and in good condition after shipping. prices good! good selection nice work John


Nov.8, 2015
Name: Kevin
City:  Winnnipeg, MB

Very easy to order and the plants arrived the next day. Generous portions for each plant ordered and most looked green and healthy. Will definitely order again for my next planted tank. Thank you!


Sept.2, 2015
Name: Adam. R
City:  North Sydney N.S

Plants arrived healthy and very quickly. 2 days for shipping is amazing. Almost from one end of the country to the other. Always a great transaction. Thanks again John. I will definitely be ordering again.


Aug.24, 2015
Name: mick

City: Durrell
just received my third order. good portions, healthy plants. very pleased with the swords and growers choice picks. will definitely order again.

Aug.20, 2015
Name: Janet
City: Yorkton, SK

Very healthy plants.  I will buy again.


Aug.5, 2015
Name: Andrew
City: Regina, sk

Hello John,

I wanted to send a Thank You note for my recent order, and the extras you packed. All the portions were generous, packed with care, and already look great in our aquarium. I look forward to ordering more plants and accessories from you in the future.


Warm regards,



July.28, 2015
Name: Lillian
City: Winnipeg,mb 

Super easy to order.  Plants arrived very quickly, in great condition. I'm extremely please with my order.  I'd recommend the Plant Guy to anyone.


July.9, 2015
Name: Mike
City: Edmonton, ab

Hey John,
Received and planted my order yesterday! All the plants looked great and thanks for including the red tiger lotus! The only plant that looked a little rough was the ceratopteris thalictroides. Trimmed it and sectioned the roots out and it should do just fine! Thanks again.


June.24, 2015
Name: G.G
City: Thompson, Manitoba

Could be the premier online aquatic plant retailer in Canada (I'll never know for sure because I won't be trying any others).  I waited a long time to place my order so it would arrive when I had a week off.  It got delayed due to stock, but the company owner emailed me within an hour to let me know, and was very patient and personable with my ever changing work schedule in sending the plants to me later that month when I would be home.

The plants did arrive in less than 24 hours after being shipped (given I do live in the same province) and were excellent quality!  The seller also has an excellent understanding of how Canada post rates work and I feel that the shipping I got was super cheap considering how many plants I ordered and how fast they got to me.

Thanks John for everything!


Name: James
City: Hammond Plains, Nova Scotia


Hi John


I wanted to let you know that the shipment made it here in great time and the plants look great!


Name: Stephanie
City: Calgary , AB


I got my plants today and they're lovely! The Anubias nana petite is soooo cute. Thanks!  

Name: Rod
City: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi John!
Thank you very much for shipping the plants  Everything arrived green and healthy.  There is plenty to go around, and I will share some with my fellow researchers.

Have a great week!

Name: Tyler
City: Hamilton, ON

Thank you for your amazing service, this order came fine, only one pot of reineckii was melted, but I'm not bothered about it, I've finally got the aquarium finished thanks to your shipment. 
Thank you very much John. Your efforts are appreciated. I'll happily to continue to reccomend your company to fellow hobbyists.

Sincerely Tyler.  


Name: Vern
City: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Plants just arrived very quick delivery again only 2 days, and as usual they are in great shape, well packaged and labeled, with planting info. Excellent service once again


Name: Adam
City: Sydney, Nova Scotia

Wow! Wow! Wow! Shipping from Winnipeg to North Sydney in a day and a half. The plants arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for a perfect order. Will be ordering again 100%!!


Name: Frank
City: Midland, Ont

I just received my package of Giant Jungle Val and they are amazing! They are lush, green and healthy not to mention huge! Thank you very much for such a great product...


Name: Nicole
City: Victoria, BC

Good Day Plants arrived today, I was amazed at how nice they looked and am really excited about my order that is due to ship on the 11th and already have plans for my other 10 gallon tank and 5 gallon betta tanks, I have 3 of them


Name: Annelise St-Louis
City: Gatineau, QC

Love the plants that I ordered. My 40 gallon planted tank looks absolutely stunning and the plants are thriving perfectly. I recommend this retailer to any one who likes good quality plants and good quality service. Thank you.


Name: Andrew
City: Edmonton, AB

By far the best selection in Canada. Finally I can stay away from ordering from UK.  Excellent communication as well and very fast responses to emails. Thank you!


Name: Joy
City: Toronto, Ont.

I just received my little anubias with the lava rock today and absolutely love it! It is cute and perfect for my 3 gallon tank and my betta already loves it too. I bought an anubias from a local pet chain and it was not healthy, also I had to let it float as I was not sure how to tie it to something. I bought some Flourish to help it so will see. But thank you so much for this adorable anubias and rock, I will buy again. And fast shipping too!

Keep up this fantastic business! 


Name: Doug
City: Nanaimo, BC

Order arrived this morning. Great plants. Thanks so much.


Name: Ted
City: Welland, Ont

Received my order everything looks great. Plants all a good size and look great in the tank. Thanks

Name: Moosily
City: Oliver, BC

Thanks so much! The plants arrived in great shape and all looks great.

Really nice to have a Canadian source for a large selection of plants. 7 years a go it was very rough so happy to have found your business.

take care,



Name: Tommy
City: Sudbury, Ont.

Hey I meant to email you earlier but things have been busy here. I received my plants on time in -24 degrees celsius weather and they were healthy as can be. Even the pogostemon shipped wonderfully. I just wanted to let you know that all went well and everything is settling in nicely to my tank. I will almost certainly be ordering again. Have a great week!


Name: Chris
City: : Toronto, Ont.

Hi John,


Plants arrived not frozen! The look very healthy, and look great in the water. Thank you for the quality customer service.


Name: Eddie
City: : Pickering, Ont.

Rotala Wallachi, Beautiful!


Name: Shirley
City: York, PE

Hi John,
Just letting you know that everything arrived in great shape. 
Thanks again.


Name: Dany
City: St.Severin de Prouxlville, QC

I received order today, All plants are in good shape!!!!


Name: Ryan
City: Toronto, ON

Fast response, fast shipping and most of all great plants at a great price.  Will definitely buy from you again. Thank you very much for the plants.

Name: Terra
City: Calgary, AB

I got my shipment of plants the other day, I'm very happy with them. Going with the grower's choice foreground was a great idea!


Name: Jean-Phillipe
City: Granby, QC

Received my order in this morning  Great product, Excellent quality and really well pack. Thanks

Name: Chris
City: London, Ont

This is the second time that I have ordered plants online, my first was a horrible experience (because I did not order from here). I found The Plant Guy with a Google search for Canadian plant sellers, and ordered quite a few plants. I used the 3 day shipping, they were promptly shipped out on the Monday, and I received them on Wednesday! All of the plants came in excellent condition and looked very healthy! Will definitely look at ordering from here again should the need arise! :) Very satisfied customer!

Name: Cameron
City: Dryden, Ont

 Just got my order ! Everything was there and even 1 extra ! Plants have great colour! Thanks

Name: Cameron
City: Dryden, Ont

 Just got my order ! Everything was there and even 1 extra ! Plants have great colour! Thanks

Name: Darren
City: Timmins, Ont


My plants came on time, and are in great shape! Thanks guys, I know where to get quality plants.

July.30, 2014
Name: Jodi
City: Cobble Hill, BC

I was pleasantly surprised with my shipment. This was my first experience buying plants online, and the transaction was smooth, easy, and plants were good quality. The shipment came quickly, nicely packed and labelled, and wonderful clumps of all the plants I ordered. I will definitely be a return customer!

July.24, 2014
Name: Graham Dodd
City: Saskatoon, SK

Just received my 5 pots of hemianthus callitrichoides (dwarf baby tears) that shipped yesterday as scheduled. Very healthy specimens. The quality and quantity both exceeded my expectations. Extremely happy with my purchase. Will definitely return to and highly recommend The Plant Guy.


June.19, 2014
Name: Ian Sands
City: Hafford, Saskatchewan

Thanks again order arrived within 4 days which is fast for rural Canada. Everything as described, tank is looking good now, just giving it a couple of months and will add to your site, thanks for your expertise so far, be back soon. Ian

Name: Dwayne
City: Bowmanville, ONT.



The plants were in my mailbox today.  Perfect condition.  Thanks!


Name: Nicole
City: Edmonton, AB.

Love the plants! They arrived the day after I ordered, in perfect condition. It's been about 2 weeks now and they're doing wonderful! Thanks so much, you guys are awesome!!

Name: Crystal
City: Sherbrooke, NS.


Recieved and in excellent condition.  Thanks

Name: Jewel
City: Calgary, Ab


Hi John, just wanted to say thank you -- the plants arrived in beautiful condition and are all safe and sound in their new aquarium. I wish I had found you a LONG time ago!!! But, I am glad I have at least found you -- I am so incredibly impressed with your wonderful business!!!! You are a dream come true for us aquarium lovers!! I am SICK of ordering everything from the States and Britain. You also have the best selection of plants I have seen anywhere!! The shipping took mere hours to get here -- loved the whole experience, customer service -- EVERYTHING!! THanks again. I will definitely check you out first before anywhere else. Your plants arrived here healthier than what I pick up in the local fish store!!

Name: Chris
City: Perth, Ont.

Hi John


Wanted to let you know the plants are all planted and everything looks great. Thank you for your help

I will be ordering again .
Name: Dustyn
City: Calgary, AB

Hello, I ordered four plants from your website a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know they arrived on time and looking great. One plant had a bit of melt which you said to expect with certain plants and I'm sure it will clear up in no time. Overall I'm very happy with the price, quality and service. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you!


Mar.19, 2014
Name: Karine
City: Quebec. Qc

Very good quality great and super fast service A+++ Tr√É∆í√Ü‚Äô√É‚Äö√ā¬®s bonne qualit√© de plantes et super service rapide WOW!

Mar.19, 2014
Name: Jeff
City: Regina, Sk

ust got my order in my tank, thanks for processing it so fast and getting them in your shipment yesterday.   Great quality as usual, tremendous roots

Feb.7, 2014
Name: Crista
City: Lethbridge, Alberta

Where I live you cannot get nice aquarium plants unless you luck out at the pet store, which is rare! I love being able to get nice healthy aquarium plants from you! I ordered Crinum Calamistratum, Cardamine Lyrata and Baby Tears. The only one I am worried about are the baby tears. They were half brown when I got them but the shipping office was very late and it is winter. I cant wait to order more in the spring! The other two are beautiful! I let them come to room temp then acclimated them and there is hardly any melt on them. I am extremely pleased. Again thank you for

Feb.7, 2014
Name: Vicky
City: Edmonton, Alberta

Even though Canada Post drove my plants around all day in minus 30 weather they were so well packed they all survived and look great. So glad to have a great Canadian supplier to deal with! Thank you.

January.17, 2014
Name: Emma
City: Halifax, Nova Scotia

I just wanted to say thank you so much. My plants arrived today and I just finished putting them all in my tanks. They shipped fantastically! All the plants arrived in great shape and you made it so easy for me to plant by labelling all the bags. The plants are so healthy and look so good, better than I could have bought from any store here and you shipped them from Winnipeg to Nova Scotia! Thanks again!!

I will definitely be buying more at some point. Have a good one!



December. 11,2013
Name: Assaf Lerer
City: Saskatoon, SK

I received the plants very fast, exactly what I ordered only looking much better then I thought they will after traveling to Saskatoon in this weather... They are all in great shape, green and live-full!!! Couldn't ask for better plants, they will make a great addition to my 55 gallon planted tank, Thank you. 

November. 19, 2013
Name: Tomaz
City: Calgary, AB

Customer service is superior and great to work with. Handled my situation very professionally and plants arrived in excellent shape.


November. 6, 2013
Name: Jo
City: Sherwood Park, AB

HI John,
 I got my  plants this afternoon and what beauties they are! Thank you!
October.23, 2013
Name: Mark
City: Hamilton, Ont

Received my plants this morning and everything looks healthy and good.

Thanks M Simpson. 
September.11, 2013
Name: Jeff
City: Regina,SK

Hello John, I apologize for the lateness of this, but I just finished setting up my tank.  I've only done a few LFS planted tanks in the past, so I realize I have a very small sample.  However, that being said, I am astonished with the quality of your product - thank you very much for the enjoyable purchase, and the beautiful plants.  Given the opportunity, I will readily refer anyone to you and your site.  Thanks, and take care.
August28th, 2013
Name: Mike
City: Princeton, BC

Plants arrived today in perfect condition and are planted. Thank you for the excellent service. 


Yours sincerely


Aug.21th, 2013
Name: Matt.S
City: Chatham, Ont

Just got my plants in 2 days after shipping date. plants look good, The Plant Guy has good customer service, if there was a problem with the order he emailed to see what can be done. I would use this sight again if I decide to do another planted tank.
Aug.20th, 2013
Name: Glenn
City: Guelph, Ont



Received my second batch of plants from you today and I have to say how happy I have been on both occasions with the service and the quality. It√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺs great to have a good Canadian online supplier.




July.19th, 2013

Name: Jen
City: Edmonton, AB

Got the package last nite... Everything looks great! U did a good job picking plants out for me! Thanks again!!

July.10th, 2013

Name: Al Bowman
City: Manitou Beach Sk

My plants arrived today and let me say how much bigger and healthier they are than the ones I usually get from my local fish store. I'm very impressed! Planning my next order already,thanks so much Plant Guy !
June.10th, 2013
Name: Mike
City: Campbell River

Plants were received in 2 days to Vancouver Island. All in great shape. Great communication and just a wonderful overall experience for my first online plant order. Thanks a tonne John!!
May. 28th, 2013 
Name: Margaret
City: Montreal, QC
Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know that the plants arrived today, and they all look great!!


May. 21st, 2013 
Name: Han Wong
City: Victoria , BC

Hey John,

Just wanted to say thank you for "hooking me up". My tank is a 33 gallon with my layout I had to give a couple extras to my brother who was the one who recommended me to your site. So far the plants look pretty good with minimal melting and beginning to show new growth once I started adding co2. My brother will be re-doing his 43g and I just bought a 20g (will be planted shrimp tank) over the weekend so we'll be definitely be ordering agian soon. Thanks again...you are awesome!

Best Regards,

May15th, 2013 
Name: Nadine
City: Ottawa

Just to let you know that I received the shipment and everything looks good! Thanks so much!!


May15th, 2013 
Name: Guy
City: Port Alberni

Hello, just wanted to thank you for the plants. It has been a month, they are ALL thriving and the lily's are starting to grow, very good quality, looking forward to doing more business in the future. Guy
May.9th, 2013 
Name: Denise
City: Nanaimo

All received in good condition.
Thank you for the extra plant : )
May. 1st, 2013 
Name: Laura Chislett
City: Sechelt

 Thank you John for your fantastic advice and beautiful plants! My order arrived quickly and the plants were in perfect condition. It is nice to have access to a great variety of plants at a decent price!

April.29th, 2013, 
Name: Evelyne
City: longueuil, QB



the plants are very nice in my aquarium very healthy i like so much to do business with you


have a great day
April.15th, 2013, by Reece
City: Sechelt, BC

Thank you.  The plants arrived in great condition and are nice specimens.  
April.16th, 2013, by Jennifer

City: Shawnigan
Thank you so much for the plants!   I picked them up this morning and they are all healthy and will be planted this morning. 
April.15th, 2013, by Victor
City: Toronto
Hi John, 

Plants arrived today and they all look very good.  Thanks again for the hydrotiche as what you gave me look to be in pretty good shape. The only one I am worried about is the ludwigia ovalis. It looks like it might have gotten crushed or something but since its a stem plant it should be able to recover with no issues. Looking forward to getting that crinum. 
April.5th, 2013, by Glenn

City: Milton

The plants arrived today and everything looks good. The rotala indica looks fantastic. Looking forward to having everything grow. thank you. 

February.1st, 2013, by Murray

City: Regina

Tell us about your experience dealing with us Top notch experience.  John's communication is excellent and timely.  Don't worry about shipping in the winter either as it's done in a manor that is timely.  My order was held up with Canada Post due to weather (-35) and the plants arrived alive and look great in my tank.  Would recommend.
January.31st, 2013 By Glen Hawkins

City: Wheatley Ontario

Tell us about your experience dealing with us Well I was very impressed overall. Great customer service, fast shipping, and healthy plants. I received my order about two weeks ago and every plant has new growth and is doing well that I order. Even my crypts are looking great. thanks.
January.30, 2013 By Dan

City: St. Catharines, Ontario

Couldn't be better.  Great shipping plants look great! Will order again :)

December.7th, 2012, by welland waite

City:  Bow iIsland Alberta


I would absolutely recommend other people to do business with you. As my first and second orders showed up in record time. All plants were very healthy. And your customer service is fantastic. Thank you John for making your business transactions enjoyable as well as our phone conversations. Keep up the great work and I will continue spending my wife's hard earned money.

December.1st, 2012, by Jon

City: Winnipeg, MB


Transaction went quickly and would definitely buy more once the plants I bought starts growing. 

November.1st, 2012, by John Le

City:  Calgary

Shipment came in 4 days,well packed, all good and quality plants.I will oder some more plants again this week.


November.1, 2012 by George

City:  Kingston ON

I'll order again.

I was a little leery of ordering plants from so far away, but they arrived quickly and all were healthy and of good quality. 
October.21, 2012 By Kathleen
City: Québec

i received my plants very healthy, in excellent condition. I was impressed by the quality  and the size of all the plants. If i buy the same in a petshop, they should cost at less 20 to 30$ more for all my command. I'm very satisfy! I will command again from you. Thank you !

October.20th, 2012, by Dan

City: Grunthal

Pleasure to do buisness with, always receive nice healthy plants. Good to have such a quality Canadian supply of aquatic plants

Oct.18th, 2012 by  Angele

City:  Sudbury, ontario


My plants arrived today! everything labeled and very healthy.I am very happy with everything! i have refered you to others and will definately be ordering from you again! Thank You!

Oct.16th, 2012 by  Laurence Dalke

City:  Fairview, AB


Just had to let you know how well the Madagasgar Lace Plant is doing. It has put out about 8 new leaves and are now about 8-10 inches long. I have never seen a plant grow so fast. By the time one leaf is half grown it has started to put out another. We are certainly well pleased.

Aug 02, 2012 by helen

City: Winnipeg¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Manitoba 

I ordered quite a few plants. Being in Winnipeg, they were hand delivered. I was stunned at the very good health the plants were in. On top of that, some were already placed on rocks. Other places usually charge an extra expensive for that(much exta in fact). This is definitely going to be my main, if not nearly my only source for plants!

Aug 02, 2012 by Laura

City: Lac Brome¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Qc 

rec'd shrimp by mail, they all were in good shape. Very small but seem to be fitting into my 10 gallon very nicely. So far the 2 platy's and dwarf frog haven't bothered with them.

Aug 12, 2012 by Allen Shewchuk

City: Winnipeg¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Manitoba 

John Got my plants today very happy with them.
Can`t beleive how good they look. I`m very happy with them, Keep up the good work.

Aug 14, 2012 by Stacey Matthews

City: Montreal¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Quebec 

Got my plants today in their baggies and well labelled. The java moss is beautiful!! So full and healthy! All the plants look fantastic and I love that the ones that don't get planted in substrate came attached to rocks. Forget about iffy store plants - I will be ordering from you again! And thank you for answering my questions as well.


Aug 19, 2012 by dylan

City: Carman¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Mb 

started tank with this order. everything was really healthy. I'll be ordering plants from John again.

started tank with this order. everything was really healthy. I'll be ordering plants from John again.

Grow Plants Indoors!

Aug 23, 2012 by shannon

City: Heathcote¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Ontario 

thanks for the great plants, and my shrimp arrived happy and healthy, with a few extra..:)
i will be ordering again. thanks for being so helpful, great service.

Response: Thanks Shannon! glad to hear they arrived safely.

Sep 20, 2012 by Vern

City: Dartmouth¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Nova Scotia 

Once again another great shipment of plants all arrived healthy and ready to plant,two day delivery all plants packaged well and labeled great service and advice

Sep 21, 2012 by Laurence Dalke

City: Fairview¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Alberta 

Received the plants yesterday. They were healthy with no damage. I was especially pleased with the quality of the Madagascar Lace Plant. Is is a pleasure dealing with a Canadian Supplier that offers such high quality stock. Thank you.

Sep 23, 2012 by Robert

City: Hamilton¬†√É∆í√ā¬Į√É‚Äö√ā¬Ņ√É‚Äö√ā¬Ĺ¬†

Province: Ontario 

It's a pleasure to have a canadian supplier of quality plants. Shipment arrived in two days, well packaged. Doing a dry start method with the HC and will without a doubt order the bulk of my plants from the plant guy once i flood the tank.

me know how the plant transitions from emmersed to emmerged, I\'m very curious....