Aqua Vitae All in One 500ml dry mix (free shipping)

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The PlantGuy's Aqua Vitae All-In-One Fertilizer is great for beginners or those with low to medium tech planted tanks.  It combines the macros and micros together.  Many other commercial fertilizer producers sell a bottle for each nutrient.  N, P, K, Micros.  This one package replaces all of those. 


You will receive 1x All-In-One packs. Put one  into a bottle.  Mix with distilled or RO water.  Mixture can take up to a day to completely dissolve.  Keep out of direct sunlight.


Dose 2ml per 10 gallons of water 3 times a week.  Adjust dosage as needed

Guaranteed Analysis


N 1.49481
P 0.359862
K 7.544637
Mg 0.110727
S 0.224913
Bo 0.013495
Cu 0.001038
Fe 0.072664
Mn 0.020761
Mo 0.000623
Zn 0.004152


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  • How many gallons does one pack treat? What size bottle?

    the pack is designed to be used with a 500ml bottle.  The suggested dosing is 2ml per 10 gallons 3 times a week so for a 10 gallon tank it would last 83 weeks.

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