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PlantGuy's Magnesium Sulphate- MgSO4 (1lbs)

PlantGuy's Magnesium Sulphate- MgSO4 (1lbs)

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Feeding plants

To make a typical stock solution for feeding plants add 70g (4.6 tbsp) of dry MgSO4 to 500ml (16.9 fl. oz.) of RO or distilled water and then add once a week 50ml (3.3 Tbsp.) of this solution per 100 Litres (26.4US G.) of tank.

This will give you 7ppm (7 mg/l) of Magnesium.

  • See¬†EI¬†and¬†PMDD.
  • Also used in a ration of 1:3 with¬†CaSO4¬†(Calcium sulphate) (1 part MgSO4:3 parts CaSO4) to make your own¬†GH¬†mix for a freshwater aquarium.
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