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KNO3 - Potassium Nitrate: Provides Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K) for feeding aquarium plants.

Quite often in a planted aquarium the plants absorb so much nitrate that it becomes a shortage and limits the growth of the plants. So aquarists add it manually.

To make a typical stock solution add 40g of dry KNO3 powder to 500ml of RO or distilled water and then add 10ml of this per 100L of tank. This will give you a value of 5ppm.

  • One quarter tsp or 1.4g of KNO3 with give you 4.5ppm increase of Nitrate in 190L (50 US gallons) of water.
  • Note too much Nitrate in the aquarium can damage your aquatic animals and any increases in levels of nitrate should be done gradually.

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  • I'm from Quebec, Is there a purchase quantity limit for my province ?

    No limit

  • Can you confirm this is pure kno3 suitable for aquarium use

    Yes.  It is agriculture grade 

  • Can it be shipped to Quebec? I need to raise my nitrates in my reef


  • I am clearing some land which has many large three stumps, and I understand that this is good for removing stumps, but I have no idea on how to use it. How much is needed and how to apply. Any suggestions?

    People do purchase it for that purpose but my focus is the fertilization of aquarium plants so you'd probably be better off asking someone else how to use it for that application..  

  • Will this plant food work for duckweed?


  • Hi, I am trying to make home made fire works for Canada day and Christmas. Is this pure Potassium nitrate laboratory grade? or is this mixed with other chemicals? Thanks Vijay

    It's agriculture grade

  • Are these allowed to be purchased for a school project/ science experiment.


  • What's the NPK ratio?


  • Is this 100% kno3 or does it have other stabilizers or fillers?

    Here is the information on the KNO3 i carry, it is greenhouse grade

  • What concentration is it?


  • Is a photo of the front of my drivers licence all you nee me to attach? Thanks

    Yes that's fine

  • Can you buy at 16 years old?

    this requires an adult to purchase

  • Can this potassium nitrate be used to rot stumps? If so, is it close to 100% potassium nitrate?

    Yes many people purchase it for this purpose...

  • Can my provincial health card or passport substitute if I don't have a driver's licence?


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